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Our offer for your unwanted land comes with our valuable eBook and a handy checklist.

Do You Know How Much Your Unwanted Land Is Costing You?

  • Did you inherit land in an area that you have no intention of moving to and now have trouble selling it while still being burdened by ever-increasing property taxes?
  • Did you buy your land with the promise that the area would be developed into a thriving community, but soon realized that nothing could be further from the truth?

At Gotma Land Holdings, we help landowners sell their unwanted land in ANY condition (as-is) for a fair price they deserve without any stress, fees, or endless realtor listings. We buy any land and you don’t have to pay any commissions or waste time with agents that don’t guarantee your land will be sold. Instead of that, we will make you a happy seller fast.

Are You Asking Yourself “Should I Sell My Land?”

  • If you’re not sure if you should sell your land or not, keep reading and you’ll find the answer in a secon.
  • There are thousands of landowners paying thousands of dollars every single year for land they don’t want or need, and they have no plans with it.

Our customers are typically middle-aged or older landowners who have owned their land for more than 5 years and have done nothing with the land (and never will). Their life goals have changed over the years and have decided they no longer have plans for their vacant land. Here are the 4 most common reasons why landowners are selling land, do any of these reasons resonate with you?

You had plans to retire in this area, but you changed your mind and now you feel stuck with your unwanted land.

You inherited land in an area that you have no intention of moving and don’t want to pay taxes for this land.

You invested in your land with the promise that the area will be developed, but it never happened.

You simply need money to pay your debts, medical bills, increase your savings, or buy a car or go on a vacation.

Our offer for your unwanted land comes with our valuable eBook and a handy checklist.

What Happens After You Sell Your Land?

Selling land for cash is much easier than you think. 90% of landowners are stuck in the process because they don’t know what’s the right thing to do, which makes them take far longer and they’ll get less cash than they deserve. This will not be your case! Selling your land to us is a piece of cake for you:

Say Goodbye To


No insurance costs, taxes, and any other expenses you need to pay for!


No more maintenance and clean-up issues! No problem with trespassers.


No insurance costs, taxes, and any other expenses you need to pay for!

Say Hello To


You will get a 100% secure cash payment sent directly to you at closing.

Better Life

You will be able to increase your savings or have a much better retirement.


You’ll be free from the financial burden and land that is causing you stress.

What Does It Take To Sell Vacant Land Online?

Avoid #1 Mistake When Selling Your Land!

  • If you’re selling land privately, make sure you work with someone who has your best interest in mind.
  • Often, landowners take an ‘easy’ option which might be a family member or friend who is a realtor or broker.

The downside of this way is that it may not be the best option for your specific situation. That’s why it’s easier to work with someone who has an unbiased view and can remain neutral and objective with you. Agents don’t typically put in the energy as they do into selling a house because the commissions are low, and the land market is slow.

Most landowners don’t know the right way to sell and that’s why they often take the ‘trial & error’ way when trying to sell vacant land online, ending up stuck with their vacant land for months or even years. To avoid that, fill out the form below so we can send you your fair offer in 48 hours.

Sell Your Land To Us In 4 Easy Steps

Simply fill out the form below to get the review process started.
We will do research on your land and send you a fair no-obligation offer.
We will give you a full 10-days to review and accept our offer.
If you accept our offer we can close quickly so you’ll get your cash fast.

Our offer for your unwanted land comes with our valuable eBook and a handy checklist.

Why Do Landowners Love To Work With Us?

Selling your land for fair cash to us is a piece of cake. We make the whole process easy, fast, and completely stress-free, that’s what our customers appreciate the most. With us, you can expect all these valuable benefits:

Our Guarantees Will Improve Your Experience Even Further!

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An eBook - The Most Common Questions Asked When Selling Your Land (And The Right Answers to Help You!)

This eBook is for you if you have owned vacant land for many generations or bought to invest or build and it didn't work out as planned. You’ll learn how to work with a land investor and how they can help where realtors or brokers may not. You’ll discover how to liquidate the asset to avoid being stuck with an asset that does not help you or bring you an income.


A Handy Checklist - Top 10 things to Ask Before Selling Your Land

The big question of who to use: a land investor versus realtor?" These top 10 questions will help prepare you as a landowner to ask the right questions of the right people to assess who is your best fit to sell your land to. When approaching your sale well informed, you are bound to get the best results.

What Will Your Life Look After You Successfully Sell Your Land?

“Gotma Land earned my trust. They bought my land and made the whole process easy for me. If you have any land you want to sell, give them a call”

- Azuelo T.

“Gotma Land Holdings has reliable and trustworthy people. Buying property is a serious deal but with Gotma Holdings you can ensure that you get the best deal in town. Best property purchase so far!”

- Rob C.

“Honest and trustworthy people. They treated me right. Completely satisfied.”

- Jon B.

What are Property Owners Asking Before Selling It to Us?

Yes! If you owe back taxes on your vacant land, we can pay it off for you and still cut you a check. Every situation can be different so we handle this on a case-by-case basis.

Yes. As a matter of fact, this is a very common transaction for us. Many of our clients sell their vacant land to us because they inherited some land they will probably never use.

You will pay no closing costs. We pay it for you. When we make you a cash offer, you will receive the entire amount of that offer without any other deductions.

Our preference is to buy land directly from owners and avoid Realtor fees. Realtors charge commissions which can be up to 10 percent for vacant land. Our process of working directly with the sellers allows you to get maximum cash for your property.

Carefully and methodically. When we make an offer for your land, our software factors in many things about the property. Here are just some of the details that go into our calculation. Please consider all of these benefits when you evaluate our offer:

  • Location – After all, location is the Golden rule of real estate. Is it prime or is it rural?
  • Current Market Conditions – The real estate market can change quickly. Therefore we have to take present conditions into account.
  • Realtor Fees – Real Estate Agents need to get paid too. They take up to 10 percent commission for vacant land as an industry standard.
  • We Pay ALL Cash – Cash is king in real estate and is worth more than deferred payments.
  • Closing Costs –  All costs for closing the transaction are paid by us, instead of you!
  • We Pay-Off Liens – If you have liens on your property, we may be able to pay those off too.

We use many title companies all over the United States. If your property is in Ohio, your closing will be with a title company in Ohio. Many states have different rules for closing a transaction. Working with a local title agency often makes the most sense.

Yes, we do offer seller financing and you will get approved. It’s a very simple process too. There is no credit check required and a fair interest rate. We simply require a small down payment and affordable monthly payments. If you want to pay off the loan early, there is no prepayment penalty. In other words, if you want to buy this property, we can make it happen for you.

Claim Your Valuable Bonuses for FREE Now!

You’re just one step away from being the next happy land seller.

  • You’ll be free from your land.
  • You won’t pay another dollar to pay taxes or maintain it.
  • You’ll end up with more money.

Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision. This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell your land quickly without any fees or stress, for a fair amount of cash.

Our spots are limited because we only work with a few landowners every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, click below to get your bonuses with an offer for your vacant land right away!

Our offer for your unwanted land comes with our valuable eBook and a handy checklist.